As a musician, you have special requirements when it comes to your bookkeeping and accounting. At MLH Assets Management, we understand your business inside and out, from musician taxes and entertainment accounting to tracking expenses and other record keeping, and can manage every aspect of your finances, leaving you time to create and perform.

We can help you:

  • Decide whether repairing or replacing instruments and equipment,
  • Reduce your taxes as much as possible by finding tax deductions for musicians, and
  • Increase your income by reviewing royalty statements.

Whether you’re a songwriter, producer or artist, MLH Assets Management can handle all of your entertainment and music accounting needs. Our experience covers many aspects of entertainment. As accountants specializing in music who know how the music industry works, we can partner with record labels, music producers, agents, music studio owners and anyone requiring a music specialist expert.

You’ve worked hard to develop your craft

You deserve an accounting firm that understands and will work just as hard for you!